To combat the nuisance “pumping” artifacts from low frequencies, the AR-1 incorporates . ってみたのですが、音の方向性は異なるものの、さすがはKush。 良い感じ Kush Audio has launched its 4th of July Summer Sale, offering discounts of up to 50% off on plugins, including the new AR-1 Vintage Mu Compressor. Kush Audio UBK Fatso for sale. subscribe to the Complete kush BUNDLE today to get everything you see here, plus more to come! Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. We have amazing sounding 500-series Kush Electra for sale!Kush Electra has the ability to find the hidden pockets of vibe and soul inside a sound and draw them out of hiding. KUSH Audio UP TO 50% OFF PLUGINS THROUGH MAY 27th 2019 If you do need some outstanding plugins for your mix bus I would strongly recommend shopping at Kush Audio while the limited sale … - Switchable Distortion Profiles. Kush Audio Black Friday Sale 30-60% off Plugins, new Bundles & savings on analog gear unknown Loot Audio up to 92% off Kontakt Instruments, samples, presets & plugins unknown Synthmob synth presets Black Friday 【最大43%OFF】XLN Audioの短期セール開催中(9/1まで) 管理人 の yosi です XLN Audioのサマーセールが来ました。 おすすめなんと言ってもXOとRC-20です。 XO XOは以下の様な方におすすめです。 \\\, No Ilok - Kush's 'Tri-Meter' display, in a plugin! Add sly-fi plugins for only 1.99 to get ubk's darker, warmer designs with your subscription too! ンプルで中央のINTENSITYツマミを回すだけで音がゴキゲンになります。 subscribe to the Complete kush If you use the ubk-1 plugin, you might find these tips helpful. Kush Audio’s Novatron compressor goes dongle-free, on sale for $99 USD Dec 11, 2019 0 Kush Audio has announced that its Novatron varitone tube compressor effect plugin no longer required an iLok dongle. SILIKA Dual-Diode Compressor - Sonically identical to vintage compressor hardware. An absolute beast; one of the most user-friendly compressors out there. Of course, being a Kush Audio plugin version of the hardware has its benefits, packing several enhancements to bring it into the DAW space. tritik社の「Krush」は、簡単にローファイサウンドを作り出すプラグインなのですが、各パラメーターを変調できるLFOを搭載しているので、ただ単にローファイサウンドにするだけではなく、それ以上のサウンドデザインが可能になっていて、しかも簡単、という秀逸なプラグインです。 The hardware REDDI is a standard for the professional session bass players in the industry. EastEnders spoilers reveal that Kush Kazemi will end up hiding out in Whitney Dean and Sonia Fowler's attic after narrowly avoiding arrest amid the car heist - but will he be caught by the police? Kush Audio Black Friday Sale 30-60% off Plugins, new Bundles & savings on analog gear unknown Audio Assault Black Friday discounts $7 or less on everything but Reamp Studio 2020-12-03 00:00:00 VAST Dynamics Vaporizer Description from Kush Audio: Like its dual channel big brother, the Kush Clariphonic 500 adds pristine analog focus, detail, clarity and air to any sound, delivering a form of equalization that is nearly holographic in effect and impossible to get wrong. It’s hard to get a bad sound out of it – deceptively simple on the surface – … 【最大30%OFF】Kush Audioで全てのプラグインがセール開催中管理人のyosiです。SILIKAもセールに入りました。終了日は不明です。そして私はサブスク行きました!音が完全に好みなのと選択肢は少ない方が良いかと思いPA KUSH AUDIO SILIKA: THE RACE TO THE BONHAM - Everything Recording We are decades-deep into the plug-in gold rush. いました。このプラグインはAltec の458A という真空管プリアンプをモデリングしたプラグインで、誰でも簡単にプリアンプの質感を得ることができるという、よくあるプラグインですね。ただ、A Kush Just Closed the Analog/Digital Divide . boxes of all time. KUSH Audio plug-ins sale Although a monthly payment of USD 9.99 (plus a one-time iLok purchase if you lack a dongle) gets you everything KUSH has and will release(d), subscriptions are certaily not for everyone. By now we have more compressors, saturators, eq’s, expanders, modulators, delays, bitcrushers, synthesizers, samplers, virtual toy pianos and rhythmic oblongiscopic downglitch pixellators than anyone could possibly ever need. - (1x) Kush Audio Clariphonic - (2x) IEC cable *I usually do free shipping but due to the high value of this listing; the $100 shipping fee is dedicated to shipping insurance and extra packaging - This can be negotiated depending on how close the shipping destination is to Philadelphia* Clicking . Kush Audio ClariphonicPurchased brand new from Sweetwater in 2017.Works Perfectly.Please see pictures for some minor paint chipping around the rack mounting Buy with Confidence – Reverb Protection has you covered Live KuSh Audio Clariphonic for mastering [Review] RRP USD $1,749 ($2,365 or 13.625 DKK in Denmark) Concept The Clariphonic is a dual mono parallel equalizer that splits up the signal into a series of parallel chains. 音が良くなるプラグインこと、Kush AudioのOmega 458a。セールをちょこちょこやっており、DTMer界隈のTwitterなどでも見かけることが多くなってきた本製品ですが、流れに便乗して私なりに使ってみた感想を書いてみようと思い You can use . REDDI Bass DI plugin by Kush Audio Review Kush released REDDI Bass DI (plugin) emulation of the REDDI DI, which has been one of the most famous D.I. .