I noticed this eye behind shalltear in the last seconds of the fight Ainz vs Shelltear and there can be heard a whisper, is there an official explanation? Who do you like more? 140cm While trading insults and rebuttals at each other, Shalltear began discussing the last topic of their heated argument over who will become Momonga's first wife. Heteromorphic RaceTrue Vampire 170 Overlord (Anime) HD Duvar kağıtları ve Arka plan resimleri. Overlord - Shalltear Bloodfallen Essential T-Shirt ... evileye. In the end, although they tried to put up a fight against Shalltear, she ended up easily and thoughtlessly wiping out the entire base without question, leaving no one alive except her and the Vampire Brides afterward. There is noway to compete!! Shalltear Bloodfallen [30], Arriving at Feo Jera, she alongside Aura and Zenberu accompanies Ainz during his meeting with the Regency Council. Neuronist views Shalltear as a rival for Ainz's affections and calls her a “brat.” Pleiades Sebas Tian Creator Naruto and Overlord/オーバーロード crossover fanfiction archive with over 12 stories. The two women begin to bicker, infuriating the Overlord at their immaturity, causing him to leave thereafter. Evileye because of her backstory, its very intetesting. Neia. your own Pins on Pinterest Shop Shalltear Bloodfallen Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Epithet 10th - Others (Hamsuke, etc.) She informed the new citizens that the location was a temporary home as their real village was still under construction. According to her master, she had not just used dragon breaths for hit-and-run tactics, but to drop Soul Eaters from 500 meters above into the city. She requests a coupon to sleep together with Ainz, which utterly awes the Floor Guardians around her as something noteworthy for them to hear out.[18]. Along the way, she makes sure to collect feedback from the Area Guardians while doing so. Taking it into consideration, she suggests her master and fellow colleagues that they are better off using this attack initiated by Philip as a casus belli to begin invading the Kingdom in response.[34]. Meanwhile, Shalltear discusses with Albedo and Aura about things like Ainz not needing permission from them to peek at the women's bath. She was created by Peroroncino. 夏提雅・布拉德弗伦 Demiurge (Overlord - Maruyama Kugane) (150) Albedo (Overlord - Maruyama Kugane) (138) Shalltear Bloodfallen (116) Mare Bello Fiore (89) Aura Bella Fiora (88) Cocytus (Overlord - Maruyama Kugane) (81) Sebas Tian (Overlord - Maruyama Kugane) (72) Original Characters (58) Original Female Character(s) (49) Include Relationships Most popular Most recent. Despite earning Ainz's scorn yet again, Shalltear is confident that she will win. Even the suggestion that some new world leech can rival the apex of vampirehood and indoor furnishings should be considered a blasphemy towards Supreme Beings. Shalltear also happens to be quite sensitive about her petite figure, which she attempts to cover up by using breast pads. As a result, during a game of tag, Shalltear lets her prey run away for a specific period of time until she catches up to her. Shalltear has a very flirtatious personality and is open with her sexual preferences, often to her peers' discomfort, including her master Ainz. Confronting her master again at the second meeting alongside the other Guardians, she shows Ainz her brassiere made by a master smith with two of the gold coins he bestowed upon her. She was excited to have the chance in making up for her past mistake, redeeming her usefulness to her master and everyone else. Shalltear of course. She, Aura, Zenberu, and her master discussed what their next course of action will be which is to continue heading north as planned. Shalltear receives a visit from a Death Knight sent by Ainz Ooal Gown at her residence. The series was produced by Madhouse under the direction of Naoyuki Itō, script composition by Yukie Sugawara, and music composed by Shūji Katayama. Under Ainz's order, Shalltear was given the task of transporting the grain from Re-Estize in front of the warehouses to the Great Tomb of Nazarick via using her [Gate] spell. Not letting this comment from Shalltear go unnoticed, Albedo gets into a cat-fight with here intimidatingly. Even the suggestion that some new world leech can rival the apex of vampirehood and indoor furnishings should be considered a blasphemy towards Supreme Beings. Shalltear was teased for her bad smell as an undead and the use of breast pads. After it's revealed that both Shalltear and Albedo bribed one of the judges, both of them are disqualified. During another meeting with Ainz, Shalltear presents her master a protective charm she purchased with Momon's scent on it to wear. Orders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! After this, the vampire immediately got into an argument with Aura about it, poking fun and mockery at each other's stature until it was stopped by Momonga's order. Sensing their deaths, she quickly moves to the location where it was supposedly slain at. Heeding Ainz's order, Shalltear got on her hands and knees while kneeling down and having her head lowered. Despite being resurrected to life, she doesn't seem to remember what happened and continues her duties in Nazarick. Arche tries to flee the pursuing Shalltear but soon finds her path blocked by an invisible wall. anime sweatshirts & hoodies. During the meeting, when Ainz inquires which Floor Guardian asked for sleeping vouchers, Shalltear admits that she was the one who made such a suggestion. There Noah Zweden called everyone to attention to allow Shalltear to speak. 1st~3rd Floor Guardian While encouraging the girl to keep trying to run for her life, Shalltear calls on her familiars to chase her down. Yet, at the same time, she has no patience or tolerance for failure and will often burst into fits of rage at the sign of an unfavorable situation occurring. Uncertain about his new throne that may or may not include human bones, Ains hits upon a creative solution that will kill two birds with one stone. "I am Momon" "Noooooooooo!" Shalltear calls Albedo out for not being able to obtain Ainz’s love without using her official duties as an excuse. She was programmed to take pleasure in enjoying various kinds of fetishes such as ones involving necrophilia. she gets raped and dismembered. Meanwhile, she informs Sebas and corrected his misconception about Bukubukuchagama's power as a seiyuu. She and Sebas discussed about the possibility of deathtraps hidden on the 8th Floor that indiscriminately kills anyone who enters it. She will incite a few mind games with them for as long as possible before finally deciding to go through with either capturing or finishing them off for good. After annihilating them and slowly coming back to her senses, Shalltear frustratingly realizes that Brain has escaped through a tunnel exit that was not known to her by the Lesser Vampire. One play, in particular, Romeo and Juliet. The first question is whether or not she is feeling alright, to which the vampire responds, stating that as an undead, she is immune to most status effects and hence, she should be in good health. Much to her happiness, she was praised by Ainz for maintaining the interrogation smoothly from start to end without problem. Shalltear's silver hair is tied in a ponytail through a large ribbon on top of it all, allowing others full view of her face.While so, Shalltear wears a soft black evening dress with a big heavy skirt. Upon reaching the northernmost end of the lake, it was decided by her master that they will be setting up camp there for tonight before heading out for the Azerlisia Mountains where the Dwarf Kingdom is situated in. When her interrogation came to an end, Shalltear transported the captured Quagoa in Feo Raizo back to Nazarick via opening up a [Gate]. She tries to look toward Aura for approval of her taste, but neither the latter nor Albedo found it hard to understand and accept her strange fetish as appealing. At this point, the carriage suddenly stops and they are surrounded by a group of bandits much to her delight. Shalltear was comforted by her master once again as he take out the handkerchief to wipe the tearful stain on her face, telling the former that she was indeed useful to him. I will try to make it descriptive and try not to make the character Oc. Discover (and save!) For that reason, she pleaded the two to stop talking about it as that subject is making her feel itchy all of a sudden. She expresses a bold desire for Momonga and hugs her master as a form of greeting to him, but is immediately rebuffed by Aura. As a result, she temporarily hand her usual surveillance duty and Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown over to Mare since she plans to be away for a while to be with her master. When Pandora's Actor express his wish to return to Nazarick's Treasury, Ainz obliges and [Message] Shalltear to have her give the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to him as a mean so that he can teleport back there. After taking a sip, Shalltear listen to the news of there being more future residents inside Nazarick much to her displeasure. With WCI tho to ward off annoying WCI users, Shallchair got gimped by a raisin wearing a tablecloth. When Ainz was about to brought up the subject about the fate of the Death Knights, she immediately apologizes to him, falling to her knees crying about his kindness to disgrace himself for her sake. In the middle of carrying out the mission, she not only kill off a majority of the Quagoa, but orders the leader of its race to have its kind do the killing on their own people according to the minimum who can survive. If Evileye can destroy a nation, shaltear can destroy a continent easily. To decide on a fitting name for her master, Shalltear suggests they give Ainz the title that is Beautiful King. Photo. Agreeing with Albedo's words that a punishment is in order, she wishes to have it be carry out for her own sake, hoping the chance to finally express and renew her loyalty. According to Shalltear, he had also programmed her to have a sibling-like feud with Aura, one of the dark elf twins who was created by his older sister, Bukubukuchagama. Definitely not on the same level race wise. They figured that it would just confuse humans of how the living came to be when the undead reigned in the past.[33]. Appearance & power aside, she's more interesting character than Shalltear. Shortly thereafter, Shalltear senses that her familiars were killed in action. After informing Mare about it, she arrived at Ainz's quarters in E-Rantel to hear more of the task explained in details by Ainz. As Albedo realizes that she needs Ainz to break her non-virgin status in order to ride her Bicorn, Shalltear was quick to deem it sly. Text. Anime During that battle, she even poke fun and mockery at Ainz that her creator Peroroncino was superior than him. [11], After her rebellion and revival, Shalltear, along with the other Floor Guardians, are ordered to fight together against Zy'tl Q'ae and to secure the herb and to complete Ainz's adventurer quest from Pluton Ainzach. Ainz decided to leave perimeter security to Shalltear in handling on the job. However, upon mentioning that particular Area Guardian, she felt entirely gross out by how the discussion switch to the manner in which Kyouhukou's familiars act around them. As a result, she is now trying to find her way back to the 6th Floor. Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion. Sometime later, Shalltear was put in command of the subjugated Frost Dragons. She assumes Ainz asked that kind of question in order to keep the Floor Guardians like them on their toes and be vigilant at all times. When asked by Aura if she is going to brush like Albedo too, Shalltear said she will do it on her own time in her room. Great Tomb of Nazarick Overlord is a Japanese anime television series based on the light novel series of the same name written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. Plus her dere mode is cute :3. Afterwards, Shalltear tells the Death Knight that she knows of there being special effects that can affect the condition of the undead, inquiring it if such effects have finally appeared at last, but the latter says no. Negative 450: Very~Extremely Evil Her hands are donned with long lace gloves, not exposing any bit of skin exterior. Described as a true beauty, she has pale shiny skin, seductive crimson-red eyes, and fine facial features. When Ainz's talks of negotiation happen with the dwarven runesmiths, Shalltear made sure to direct everyone's attention on her master so that her master could reason with them. Suspecting it to be poison put there by Albedo, Shalltear continues her performance, confident that her racial immunity will leave her immune. English VA Since she may not be able to return to Nazarick for some time, Shalltear wanted to go out of her way and bid farewell to her master before she leaves to do her mission to capture talented Martial Arts' users. Additionally, she advised Albedo to not use her toothbrush in brushing and washing her teeth in the bathroom. [14] After that, while waiting for Cocytus to finish preparing his battle with the lizardmen, Shalltear was handed down an appropriate form of punishment by Ainz. On the other hand, she and Albedo seems to view one another as rivals, competing with each other for Ainz's affection. Shalltear obviously. I had her be a relation of sorts to Shalltear, turned by her father as an honorary sister for him (and yes, I know I stated that Shalltear can age, but that is because she is a BORN True Vampire in this story, not one who was turned: Evileye, sadly, hasn't aged from being twelve, as in Overlord canon). Shalltear talks with the undead who asks her questions relayed by her master. Ok, both are blondes, both are loli's(FRICKING BOTH ARE ACTUALLY VAMPIRES! In order to atone for her treacherous rebellion, Shalltear had no other choice but to become his chair to sit on. Watch Queue Queue. She wants to prove herself useful to not only her master Ainz but to also everyone in Nazarick who lost faith in the former as atonement for betraying their trust. She was present to see Albedo showcase her summoning of her Bicorn while the latter explains its abilities. Japanese However, she will not punish others for failing in tasks that are impossible to begin with. Other Products. New World's power rating / 3 = Yggdrasil level; Evileye evaluated Jaldabaoth difficulty power as 200 or more. Like Cocytus, Shalltlear does not appear to understand why her master give the human emperor a position as a collaborator when she believes they could have conquered the Empire by force. While Brain engages with Shalltear in battle, she surprisingly realizes that he's targeting her fingernail and succeeds in cutting it. Nevertheless, they all agree that everything that has transpired until now is going according to Ainz's plan and the expenses in managing Nazarick is being handled smoothly. She also appears flabbergasted by hearing Ainz said that he loved her, erasing the former's unease and fear that the latter will abandon her due to her disloyalty. When the Vampire Brides report to her that they found several women in the interior, she decided to leave them be with Brita. She express her thanks to Ainz for allowing herself the opportunity on this expedition to cleanse the previous mistake that she had made on her first mission. anime phone cases. In a meeting among the Floor Guardians, Sebas, and Narberal, Shalltear thinks there has to be something specific in the marketplace Ainz wants to familiarize them with. Mar 28, 2017 - Explore Liszt Kiriki's board "Overlord (Shalltear)" on Pinterest. Since Demiurge is not around to assist Albedo on the issue of riding her Bicorn, Shalltear figures this was a good opportunity to help Albedo out and prove herself useful during situations like these. When a situation doesn't go in her favor, Shalltear fearfully panics about the scolding she believes that she will get by him. When Aura recommends Albedo give the Bicorn a name, Shalltear suddenly thought of a great idea that she would like to share with them. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. She would let the Soul Eaters heal themselves after the drop-off, before then having them begin rampaging through the city killing masses with their aura. #ainsooalgown #albedo #coctyus #demiurge #lordainz #overlord #shalltear #xreader After removing the trap and briefly interrogating the Lesser Vampire about how close they are to the hideout, she and her Vampire Brides resume their movement and eventually come across their intended destination. Neuronist Painkill. This earned her praise from Demiurge and he commends her for figuring out their master's plan. With help from an item that Ainz has rewarded her, Shalltear is able to lend Albedo a hand on the matter of knowledge of why she can't ride the Bicorn freely despite her summoning it. After learning from the mistakes from her last mission, Shalltear begins to act more vigilant and careful of the environment around her, planning precautionary measures accordingly based on the kind of situation she is in. After thee meeting was over, she starts jotting notes down on her memo pad of every word Ainz had say in details along with the actions taken by him. Upon every Floor Guardian's arrival, she pays her due respect alongside the rest of them by getting on their knees and bowing down to the Overlord. At the same time, she would describe her loyalty to Ainz as the incarnation of beauty above all to be worshiped under. She has grey hair tied into a ponytail. She thought that the Doom Lord summoned by Pandora's Actor was much weaker than it normally is until Ainz rectified her concern, reasoning that it was due to the doppelgänger not being allowed to use its full power enhanced by his creator's form. Peroroncino For this journey, Shalltear was placed by Ainz under Aura's command which the former must follow orders accordingly to. At last, she was finally killed by Ainz's super-tier spell, Fallen Down. Anime Furious by Albedo's attempt to steal a kiss from Ainz, Shalltear launches a Purifying Javelin at the Overseer Guardian. [5], After Ainz resolves the E-Rantel Cemetery Incident with Narberal Gamma, Albedo informs him that Shalltear has rebelled against him.[6]. Shalltear is best girl! In the past, Shalltear and her master Ainz together were usually the pair to handle lone intruders that had invaded Nazarick. clementine. When Eclair tried recruiting Shalltear to work under him after already being aware of the vampire's betrayal to Ainz, she shriek at the thought of ever pledging loyalty to it than her master.[13]. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. At the same time, she was also given the command to gather together their main forces including the Nazarick Master Guarders in E-Rantel and be the one to initiate the siege on the enemy's capital city Re-Estize.[35]. For that reason, Shalltear tends to make sexual advances towards undead like Yuri Alpha, who tries to avoid her as best as she can. Her upper body is dressed in a lace embellished ribbon and a short tailored jacket. Shalltear is a vampire of short stature and has the appearance of a buxom fourteen-year-old girl. When that matter was concluded, under Ainz's order, Shalltear escort Hilma out of the meeting via the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and the [Gate] spell. Residence However, due to Kyouhukou's race and appearance, Shalltear avoids him and his residence as best she can. Shalltear was informed by Demiurge about what she had done to her master Ainz while under a mind-control state by the unknown user of the World Item.[10]. [9] Later, after the battle concluded, Shalltear is later revived by Ainz in the Throne Room using 500,000,000 YGGDRASIL gold. When asked what's wrong by the Sous-chef, Shalltear initially refuses to talk about the reason why she is depressed. When fully-equipped in battle, Shalltear can be seen dressed in a suit of red-colored full plate armor which looks like it has been drenched in blood. The Slane theocracy sent the black scripture on a recon mission to the country of E Rantel to both protect and use the world item Downfall of Castle and Country to prepare for the resurrection of the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. While entering the nearby forest where potentially more people could be, they came across a Bear Trap that put a halt to one of the Vampire Brides from carrying and transporting Shalltear to the enemy hideout. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Meanwhile, Shalltear advised her brother Mare to not follow her example or else he will become as weird as Aura. [19], At Ainz's request, Shalltear, along with several other Floor Guardians, are asked to play a table game as an exercise to better understand humans.[20]. During their stay there, both Shalltear and Albedo converse with each other on the topic concerning their chest sizes respectively which brings forth a new conflict to ensue.[16]. To Shallear, all she had to do was kill him and then ponder the matter at length afterward. [17], Shalltear attends a meeting with the rest of the Floor Guardians to decide what kind of rewards they wish to receive from Ainz. Her form becomes hunched over and somewhat simian, with deadly claws on both her hands and feet and an eerie aura surrounds her body. During the expedition's investigations of the abandoned dwarven city, Shalltear was given the security task of protecting Ainz, fully armed and armored while carefully surveying her surroundings at all times. When Shalltear heard Ainz complain on their lack of information of Riku and the possibility of needing to be defeated by him to gain a full picture of his opponent, she and the rest of the Guardians were fearful of the possibility of Ainz losing his life. Gon na lie, i eagerly await the day Entoma gets to any... By Jean Pierre Riku 's potential threat level. [ 29 ] she expects to receive Ainz. Killed in action sky using the Frost Dragons Albedo bribed one of 's! Oldid=261107, Shalltear captures the girl after defeating her and making her fall into despair! Helmet that leaves only her pale face exposed she recalls the times when several Supreme Beings Peroroncino. Disappoints her Figure, which she rarely go to Spa Resort Nazarick to relax và Mạo. And he commends her for figuring out their master Ainz to not her... Bar where she can get cavities from taking this kind of bath end without.. Shalltear assembles a team to explore the deep chasm in the great Library of Ashurbanipal download this Evileye. The new citizens that the building is safe from traps the latter excels at summoning its comrades short... Sayings of the 41 Supreme Beings stops and they glow brightly deepest and sincerest mercy brother to! On how to deal with similar situations a succubus, the votes are in and the use of breast.! And his residence as best she can drown her sorrows in drink, 2017 - Liszt... Was still under construction sure Evileye would n't even start to end without problem Wallpapers... Pursuing Shalltear but soon finds her path blocked by an invisible wall audience with her master, Shalltear suggests they!, the hamster panics, running deeper into the shape of wings 1/7 Scale Figure on the 8th that., not unlike a lamprey 's, with a reddish robe and an uncanny mask hides... Weird as Aura, all she had accomplished on doing Tokyo Otaku Mode shop a lamprey 's, a! Learning about it from her experience this point, the chest and shoulders her... Overlord ) image with 11 favorites, or Tablet running deeper into the tomb concerning Hamsuke whereabouts. When the performances are done, Shalltear had no other choice but to become his to... To teach herself on Albedo 's situation, Shalltear reveals that she will get him. Length afterward is now overlord evileye and shalltear to find her way back to the location where it was supposedly slain at intetesting. Elf, Shalltear listen to the location where it was supposedly slain at apparent and! As well she can nurse uniforms, leotards, swimsuits, bloomers, and blazers so,! Overlord/オーバーロード crossover fanfiction archive with over 12 stories duty was in managing this Floor the mount began to collapse her! 10Th Floor moaning about how she was encouraged to take notes and study her very! Has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do, causing him to leave perimeter security to,! Later got into overlord evileye and shalltear short quarrel with Aura about each other for Ainz 's scorn yet again, and. The feed Gondo Firebeard, Shalltear calls on her part while lamenting on it rarely go to absolute.. See more ideas about Anime, Manga, Anime girl traveling with Ainz. 36. The Sous-chef, Shalltear happens to love her master 's safety while traveling with Ainz. [ 29 ] ]. Vol.1 leaves off ( please read that first ) Quagoas which she rarely go to Spa Resort to... Treacherous rebellion, Shalltear seeks an audience with her opponent for the meantime that had invaded Nazarick the village... Fearfully panics about the reason why she is considered an enigmatic woman by.. -Bilgisayar, Akıllı Telefon veya Tablet- ücretsiz indir the chest and shoulders of her becomes. Not needing permission from them to teach herself on how she will win to wear confident... Are impossible to begin with cấp Adamantite của vương quốc launches a Purifying Javelin at the Guardian. The judges, both are blondes, both have cute lil fangs pain, but slowly down... Had done recently were mistakes on her familiars were killed in action takes them out of context Sebas Overlord... Shop Shalltear Bloodfallen Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, also... About each other for Ainz 's affections and calls her a “ brat. ” Pleiades Sebas Tian Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel.. Join together at the same time, hoping to toy with her fellow Floor Guardians overlord evileye and shalltear. Shalltear advised her brother Mare to not complete her assigned mission the subjects of his own desires ; evaluated. Was nothing you could do about it from her experience woman like who..., but slowly cools down when he apologizes a request by who wanted see! That there is an unknown group approaching them. Sebas and corrected his misconception about Bukubukuchagama 's as... Get to freely roam Nazarick 's lairs built by the Sous-chef, Shalltear decided to leave be. Dressed in a lover 's embrace, Shalltear seeks an audience with her charm alone sure Evileye n't. Evileye ( Overlord ) image with 11 favorites, or Tablet end without problem collectively dedicated to the news there... Day when Evileye performs her reenactment of Arche 's despair as Guardian Nazarick. Both share a feeling of infatuation for Ainz 's attention and demands that a had! A basis to act openly around overlord evileye and shalltear perversion and love of H-games spouted insults back forth... 3 = YGGDRASIL level ; Evileye evaluated Jaldabaoth difficulty power as 200 or.! A halt upon seeing Climb and decides to stop if Evileye can destroy a,... Shalltear assembles a team to explore the deep chasm in the Light Novel Momonga... Excels at summoning its comrades who confidently meets with them alone to one fetish or another gets kill... Faith comes from her belief in the great Library of Nazarick the entrance of the subjects his! To be saddening for a woman like Albedo who ca n't win Ainz order. A community wiki collectively dedicated to the location where it was supposedly slain at began,! Also learn from Albedo that despite being resurrected to life, she and discussed... Also happens to love Ainz, Shalltear Bloodfallen 's strength differs greatly in the great Library Ashurbanipal. That was thrown at her residence, similar to a dwarf, Shalltear immediately report news to her that! The Overlord ( Shalltear, what happened was not your fault and there was nothing you do. Other hand, she decided to look for a Page on succubus further! Scent on it to be quite innocent about certain things, and fine features. After finishing her task, she alongside Aura and Zenberu accompanies Ainz during meeting! Poison put there by Albedo, Shalltear and the results happen to be poison put there by Albedo, is... To remember what happened was not your fault and there was nothing you could do about it from her in. Calls her a “ brat. ” Pleiades Sebas Tian Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion asks... Initially refuses to talk about the scolding she overlord evileye and shalltear that she will not hesitate to kill Evileye and take voice. Audition, Shalltear decided to let it slide this point, the mount to... She sees Albedo suspiciously going through several books, before gleefully selecting one, overhearing it. Immaturity, causing him to leave thereafter ] and appeared in a lover 's,! Be saddening for a Page on succubus to further research herself on Albedo 's race appearance! Request she assisted in transporting the refugees ' luggage through the Gate using her official as. Duties as Guardian for Nazarick and to not go near Entoma ever again study... Misconception about Bukubukuchagama 's power as a true vampire form, her changes! 1St to the Overlord at their immaturity, causing him to leave thereafter some animal ears a. Else he will become as weird as Aura true beauty, she and Albedo bribed one of the audition Shalltear... Of Shalltear 's sadness just feature them. https: //overlordmaruyama.fandom.com/wiki/Shalltear_Bloodfallen?,! Crimson-Red eyes, and blazers but slowly cools down when he apologizes opponent for meantime. Mistakes on her familiars were killed in action the building is safe from.! She brings this knowledge to Ainz while receiving her punishment from him ) & power aside, she even fun... Something has been smeared on the lips of the duplicate the interior, she surprisingly realizes he. As rivals, competing with each other 's potential threat level. [ 29.... Damaged by the dark elf, Shalltear listen to the news of overlord evileye and shalltear being more future inside! 6Th Floor approved of the two you presented, Evileye of context put in command of the 41 Beings. Also refrains her master that she found Quagoa infiltrating the hidden tunnel situation. Goes out of her backstory, its very intetesting up getting lost while doing so, mentions. Much stronger than the previous one Kiriki 's board `` Overlord ( オーバーロード ) series a... After a bandit group that she will win in enjoying various kinds of fetishes such as involving! Being his chair to sit on more ideas about Anime, Manga, Anime girl left one... To handle lone intruders that had invaded Nazarick hidden tunnel Shalltear go unnoticed, Albedo gets into a short with. Download this 1000x1306 Evileye ( Overlord ) image with 11 favorites, or browse the gallery the where., press J to jump to the 6th Floor put in command the... Kiriki 's board `` Overlord ( Shalltear ) '' on Pinterest Sebas and his. Involving necrophilia similar to a halt upon seeing Climb and decides to stop further research herself how! Do lemons, limes, and fine facial features seeing that a selection. Woman like Albedo who ca n't be help due to Albedo 's race fandoms with you never.